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Vision, Mission


As the Sianji Group of Companies, our vision is to use our 33 years of experience in the construction and service sectors to be a pioneer in the field, carrying out from A to Z innovative projects and ideas. Turning our creativity in the building and service sector into innovation, to realize projects that thoroughly satisfy both the investor and our customers.


With over 33 years of experience in the construction and service sectors, the Sianji Group’s mission is to translate this into innovative projects with a pioneering mission, and to execute each stage from construction through to management.

  • Our mission is to breathe new life into our sector through creativity.
  • Our secondary mission is to deliver projects that reflect and promote a sense of social responsibility.



  • Hospitality investment and management – from city hotels to resorts, and boutique hotels to dry hotels.
  • Investment in and management of facilities in the increasingly valuable field of health tourism – well-being, wellness and detox.
  • Investment in and management of true spas.
  • Investment in and management of restaurants with a variety of concepts
  • Investing in and managing restaurants which promote well-being.
  • Farming practices which favor nature and accord with the principles of well-being.

Our plan is joining forces with investors and sharing our 33 years of experience in many areas of the holiday industry – with a base of residences and vacation clubs, time share vacations and properties, and revenue sharing management system – in order to make greater contributions to the Turkish tourism industry. By applying its own brands singly or several at once as appropriate to the location and target markets of investors’ projects, Sianji provides return on investments in just a short time. Our goal is to realize maximum income for our investors by selecting optimum projects with the concepts outlined above, and minimizing costs.

Well-Being , Wellness

Time is precious. An individual may not wish to spend days away from their family for a detox program. In this case, a well-being resort is the perfect choice. With the option of all-inclusive board, the whole family can enjoy a healthy holiday taking advantage of all the resort has to offer, while those who wish can detox their systems and take the chance to increase their well-being.

The motto: contrasts go well together.

This is a concept which will develop and be in the highest demand in the future. Although the goal is weight-loss and body-shaping, the concept created here goes much deeper than this bare outline. With an array of tests and body analysis under medical supervision, exercise, the balm of nature, a wholesome diet, and the use of advanced health equipment, the aims are achieved through a fresh approach – serenely, purifying and soothing both body and soul. Detoxing is a part of this process when necessary.

The motto: in the heart of nature, eliminating toxins and residues, attaining a slimmer form and resting the spirit.

Modern life does not allow us what we really need: to purify and refresh our bodies; and is also accompanied by stress, poor nutrition and inactivity. The well-being program is the concept of eliminating these negative factors.

It is based on an 80:20 alkaline diet and involves raw detox and master detox programs. A clinic and environment for sports are also available in the hotel.

  • Master Detox (Liquid Fast): This is the traditional liquid diet method. The digestive system is rested through consumption of only green vegetable juice, fruit juice and some supplements in order to boost the immune system and rapidly eliminate toxins.
  • Raw Food Detox: Delicious fruit mixtures, fortifying natural supplements and 3 gourmet raw food meals a day ensure purification while maintaining digestion.
  • 80:20 Alkaline Diet: This program creates an alkaline balance in your body and trains you to eat beneficially in your day-to-day life. The plan’s principle is one of tasty but healthy meals which contain an alkali/acid ratio of 80:20. The program is suitable for guests of all ages.


A concept for 5-star hotels in city centers. Defined by maximal quality of service, these metropolitan hotels are elegant, ergonomic and comfortable with distinguished architecture and attention to detail. They offer fine dining and provide top quality at affordable prices. The hotels’ broad concept makes them ideal bases for relaxation or sightseeing in the city, and for families – in short, all guests who want to enjoy luxurious service.

The brand motto: to provide true excellence at the best price in this competitive field, and achieve maximum guest satisfaction.

A concept especially tailored to business travelers: modest, good quality, economical city hotels where guests pay only for the optimal level of service they need. The hotels will be situated in areas with a high concentration of businesses – in city centers and at city access points. After a sound sleep in their comfortable, restful room, our guest may do a fitness workout and enjoy a tasty breakfast before beginning the working day completely refreshed. This concept is one of simply a good room and a quality breakfast.

The motto: economical but good quality, business, easy access.

For reasons of health or religion, some guests do not wish to consume alcohol. In consideration of this, we created this concept with the approach of complete, all-round service.

The motto: there is accommodation where I can spend my holiday the way I want to.

Your home has been set up for real 5-star luxury living, equipped with everything from cutlery to towels and bathrobes, and televisions to sofas; with all hotel services provided (housekeeping, room service, laundry, technical service and security).

This concept will be the choice of those who seek home comforts, a larger room, or perhaps a kitchenette where they can do some cooking. It’s the perfect investment for those who want a villa but also the comfort of a hotel suite. Investors may sell their suites and villas and lease them back again for guaranteed income, adding them to the stock of rooms and gaining income for the owners by managing them as hotel properties. A true win-win concept. A combination of good design, luxury and splendor.

Through Time Share we facilitate the investors’ return by selling each apartment for 15-day periods, and offer customers a new approach for holidays. Timeshare owners become members of the Vacation Club with its motto of “Short Life-Long Vacation”.

The motto: besides providing the comfort of a 5-star hotel, let your home earn money for you when you are not there.

Restaurants and SPA


Spa treatment harnesses the healing power of water. The practice was developed by three important civilizations: Far Eastern, Roman and Ottoman. Blending aspects of these three, we have created a special concept called MUU SPA, the name “MUU” coming from the Babylonian word for water.


Under our various restaurant brands, we provide a broad range of meal types including alkaline-based menus, fine dining, detoxifying, brasserie style, raw food, a la minute and organic open buffet.


Our beach venue management is not limited to organizing a happy hour. With our enriched concept, the day begins with breakfast accompanied by jazz or classical music, and continues with various events and a selection of international dishes for other meals.


201650,000m2 Glass Greenhouse, Abkhazia
2012Sianji Well-being and Ski Resort, Kayseri – 240-room hotel and health resort concept project development, Erciyes/Kayseri/Turkey
2010Bendis Hotel, renovation of 130 rooms and public spaces, Bodrum/Turkey
2008Construction of Gardens of Babylon Suite Hotel and Residences, 76 residences, 23 suites and 28 Lake Villas, Bodrum/Turkey
2003-2008Kadıkale Resort, renovation of 293 rooms and public spaces, and construction of 42 new roocms, Bodrum/Turkey
1992Öz-Ca Integrated Combed Cotton and Knitwear, construction of textile factory building, Cankırı/Turkey
1989Kadıkale Resort (500-guest capacity), Turgutreis/Bodrum/Turkey
1986Beykoz Villas, contruction of 4 villas, Beykoz, Istanbul/Turkey


Sianji applies its skills and experience not just to its own projects such as hotels, restaurants and spas, but also creates new concepts and trends according to changing conditions, and provides road maps to investors to enable their realization.

  • GARDENS OF BABYLON SOCHI (5-star hotel, shopping mall, business center, villa and residence project)
  • SIANJI BLACK PEARL ISLAND THE WORLD - DUBAI (Suite Hotel, Residence And Villa Project)
  • SUNFLOWER DUBAI - THE WORLD PROJECT (5-star Hotel, Residence And Villa Project)
  • ZIQURAT GARDENS OF BABYLON - ISTANBUL (5+ Star City Hotel And Home Office Project)
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