Sianji Well-being Resort creates physical and mental healthy way of living vacations.

You can find a way for higher your healthy way of living standards in Sianji Well-being Resort whenever you want in 12 months. Well-being programmes will make you feel healthier and happier; also you can leave all the negative effects of daily stresses and city’s heavy energy. That will bring you health and beauty; you will realize that very soon.

In our plant, we have alkaline diet restaurant Sianj Life Cafe restaurant Sianj Life Cafe and a detox bar. If our visitors want to see the processes and how their food prepare, they can join our food courses and learn the recipes.

As Sianji Well-being Resort, we have our detox masters and doctors. Our doctors take our visitors’ bood tests and body analyzes then they give each of our visitors suitable detox programmes for theirselves. You can hire a residence or a suit and then start your programme; so you can give weight, feel calm, you can shine inside and outside.

Healthy way of living center Muu Spa & Wellness gives the secrets of healthy nutrition and strengthen your immune system; so you can change your daily routines for your new life. You can get service from Sianji Life Well-being Center and Muu Spa & Wellness all 12 months long. The programmes that you can join from these healthy way of living centers are;

Master Detox

This programme has usual liquid nutrition system inside. It includes green vegetable juices and fruit juices, but also some supplements to feed the body and to stop digestive system and strengthen immune system. As a result, you can get toxins out of your body easier.

Raw Food Detox

Delicious vegetable and fruit mixtures, natural supplements and gourmet raw food meals 3 times in a day will make you feel so light and purified.

80 - 20 Alkaline Diet

This programme will show you how to create your routines to make your body stay alkaline. Motto of this programme is to eat delicious and healthy but also keep staying balanced inside. You need to feed your body 80%alkaline and 20%20 asidic and this programme can be done in every age.

Our visitors can join lots of spiritual and physical activities, so while getting all the toxins out, they can also leave their stress and negative effects of daily life behind. To feel relax, but also powerful and healthy is possible with all these programmes. You can join the groups of yoga, tai chi, combat fitness, eformer, pilates, aqua gym, sound therapy, kinesis, raw food cooking courses and more.

Our doctors, diet and detox masters, estheticians and nurses are always ready to see you in appointments during your vacation.

Before you start your healthy way of living programme, you need to take an appointment and see the doctor. After your tests, doctor will give you your very own programme so you can start your health package. That can be an alkaline diet or a master detox; it depends on your controls. And ofcourse what ever it includes is also about with your own metabolism.

There are also other well-being programmes are able to be joined. You can take advice and can take anti-aging services like ozone therapy, lymph drainage and many healthy way of life programmes. Then you can feel better, more beautiful and healthier; can be completely renewed.

Muu Spa & Wellness is a place that our visitors can feel theirselves so special. In this wellness center, spa masters will be waiting for you to make you meet their own cultures of therapy.

Turkish bath is so much known and used in all Anatolia and Mesopotamia civilizations. You can use Turkish bath in Muu Spa & Wellness too. Here you can find traditional Turkish bath, bubble massage, VIP Turkish bath, Turkish bath for family options.

Muu Spa & Wellness serves VIP baths and this service is unique for Sianji concept. Visitors can use this VIP baths if they want.

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