63 villas are designed as 1+1, 2+1, 3+1 flats or dublex villas and all of them have sea view before. 1+1 flats have 85 - 94 square metres, 2+1 flats have 93 - 108 square metres and 3+1 flats have 109 - 197 square metres plans.

90% of residences found their owners but still there are 8 residences able for sale. The owners of the residences can get their title deeds in the same day that they buy the residences and can also move in.

All residences have door access control system, Siemens built-in white goods (dish washer, washing machine, oven, ceramic cooker, aspirator), LG air conditioning systems, Samsung LCD TV, VANUCCI kitchens, HUPPE jacuzzi and shower, small appliances, all furnitures and garden furnitures. Sianji runs the residence as a boutique hotel if the owner gives that right seasonal. Owner gets 75% and Sianji gets 25% of income. Residence owners can earn the price that they spent for the residence in 10 or 12 years, but their ventures stays in above 5 stars concept forever.

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