Specific concept of Sianji Well-being Resort shows itself in its kitchen too. You’ll see unique Sianji signature in the menu.

Sianji Well-being Resort sets all its well-being practices on healthy nutrition. Sianji kitchen serves so delicious recipes for lots of healthy nutrition type like vegan nutrition, raw food and detox. And the most popular, healthy and tasty recipes from all around the world too.

If you want to enjoy your dream vacation and get service as a la carte or buffet meal, you can visit Eiffel (Healthy Kitchen), Nunu (Buffet Meal), Elani (Mediterranean Gourmet Restaurant) and Sianj Life Cafe (Gourmet Raw Food Kitchen), so you can join this tasty carnaval of Sianji Well-being Resort.



Exclusive alkaline diet restaurant Eiffel serves meals that depends on 80% - 20% alkaline and asidic balance. After your order, your meal will be on your table as a la minute service type. Eiffel has a healthy way of living area with its coast view seating areas and its bar that you can have your healthy drinks. You will enjoy your time.

Elani Beach Restaurant

During the day you can find peace and joy at the beach side of Elani and in the evening you can enjoy your gourmet journey around delicious options in the menu. And ofcourse, you will adore the sunset above the beach, while you are having your dinner. Wait for the surprises.


Nunu Restourant serves only during the summer season and that’s why we can call this restourant as a boutique reastourant that’s so special in a buffet meal concept. You can find local meals, seasonal fruit and vegetables; so fresh and so delicious. Let’s see you at Nunu. You will keep your smile all summer long with this tasty experience.

Sianj Life Cafe

Sianj Life Cafe is a healthy food restaurant for our visitors in detox programmes but also for our other visitors that they can taste healthy and tasty foods. So they can experience healthy food in delicious Sianji way. Our visitors can spend their times joyful and can have their detox drinks from the bar too.
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