Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort brings its achievements crowned with awards, including Europe`s Best Health Tourism Facility Award and World Travel Awards 7-star SPA & Wellness Hotel award, to the top with very special thermal services. It offers unique thermal waters in VIP rooms and indoor thermal pools in a very special concept for the healing of our valued guests.

The richest mineral thermal waters and the Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort concept are offered to guests who want to strengthen their immunity and heal many chronic diseases, especially during the autumn-winter season.

The drilling temperature of the high mineral resource water is above 20 ° C. This thermal spring water, which is classified as calcium, magnesium, sodium chlorine, sulphate and salty waters in terms of its mineral content, is described as "Natural Thermal and Rich Mineral Water".

Thermal Treatment and Use inThermal Cures

As Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort, in our thermal pools,

  • Isothermal (thermal pool)
  • Thermal
  • Hyperthermal balneotherapy treatments (VIP lounges and VIP rooms) 
  • In addition, hypothermal or underwater exercise treatments are performed. (Thalasso pool)

When thermal treatments and thermal cures are performed according to the prescriptions given to the chronic diseases of our guests and upon the recommendation of a specialist doctor, they show a high healing effect.

Thermal Cures

Diseases Healed by Thermal

Spring Water

The hot spring waters offered to our guests at Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort eliminate health problems in many different areas such as rheumatic diseases, skin diseases, diabetes, and excessive weight gain.

Strengthen Your Immunity;

Refresh Yourself!

Turkey`s highest mineral spring water, specially developed thermal cures through bathing, drinking cures and together with other additional applications (massage, exercise, diet, health education, Turkish bath, sauna, steam bath, etc.) are offered for combined use in Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort.

In healthy people, the effect of strengthening immunity, vigorousness and increasing the health of organ functions is created.

In addition, the highest mineral spa water creates a rejuvenation and regeneration effect on the skin with its anti-aging effect.

Against obesity and excessive weight gain, when Sianji Well-being Thermal Resort is supported with special nutrition programs, detox and diet programs, it has high-impact and supportive effects on weight control.

ATTENTION: Please pay attention to the usage rules. Follow your specialist doctor`s recommendations and treatment schedule.

Refresh Yourself!

VIP Thermal Room 1

While you are healing with high mineral hot spring water in a special room for you, you can relax in the sauna, get your massage and add value to your every moment.

VIP Thermal Room 2

Cleansing and purification are good, not only for your body but also for your soul. In this special room, with the quality of Sianji, a hammam specially prepared for you and a thermal SPA pool full of healing will be waiting for you.

VIP Thermal Turkish Bath

The traditional Turkish Bath will be at your service with the comfort of Sianji at the same time with the high mineral hot spring water.

VIP Thermal Massage Room

While you relax with your favorite massage in our couple massage room, you will find healing in the jacuzzi filled with thermal water.

VIP Thermal Hydromassage

The hydromassage device, which activates the lymph system of your body with the intense movement of water, will add health to your health with the healing of the thermal water.
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